Shoe Museum

J.P. Rizal Street, Marikina City

The Marikina Shoe Museum was conceived in 1998 under the leadership of Mayor Bayani F. Fernando. The museum was built with the aim of becoming an important venue for nurturing the historical values of the country’s shoe industry since Marikina is known as the Shoe Capital of the Philippines.

The building (built in the 1880s) had a significant role in the country’s history. Before it became a shoe museum, the building was used as an arsenal during the Spanish Period. It was also a detention cell during the Filipino-American War, where General Macario Sakay, one of the leaders of the Katipunan, was believed to have had been held as a prisoner. At the latter part of the American Regime, it was converted into a motor pool for the American soldiers.

After the Second World War, the Tuason family used the building as a rice mill for its entire hacienda in Marikina.

It currently houses the shoes of famous personalities, including pairs from former presidents of the Philippines, as well as those of former Mayors (and the current Mayor Marcy Teodoro) of Marikina, government officials and cabinet secretaries, celebrities, movie stars, ambassadors and well-known politicians including senators. Some of the shoes of former First Lady Imelda Marcos are also displayed at the museum.