Animal Rights

The Animal Protection and Council Office (APCO) was created by virtue of Ordinance No. 156, Series of 1996. The main task is to eradicate stray animals; to provide protection against the spread of deadly rabies caused by animal bites, particularly dogs; and to control excessive breeding of dogs by irresponsible pet owners, causing animals to become stray which poses a health risk to humans.

Animal Quarantine

 Banning all residents in settlement and resettlement sites from owning pets.
 Confiscation of all animals or pets in all settlement and resettlement sites.
 No redemption policy to all confiscated and apprehended pets or animals in settlement or resettlement sites.

Responsible Pet Ownership

 Train your dog on basic obedience.
 Feed your dog regularly and with a balanced diet.
 Give your dog its own dish.
 Train your dog to go home.
 Be sure that your dog receives anti-rabies vaccination annually.
 Train your dog on basic obedience.
 Let not your dog be a nuisance to others by its continuous barking.
 Keep your dog clean by bathing it every other day.
 Be sure your dog drinks clean water.
 Give your dog its own place to rest.

Animal Impounding and Redemption

 Owners shall pay Php 40 a day for board and lodging fees of their impounded pets.
 Pets that are not redeemed within five days shall be adopted or destroyed.
 Friday is prescribed the adoption day for all impounded animals.
 Residents from settlement and resettlement sites are not allowed to adopt.

People's Education and Awareness (Responsible Pet Ownership)

 Proper animal hygiene and handling.
 Dealing with an aggressive and dangerous dog.
 Control of animal-borne diseases.
 Control and prevention of stray dogs.

You, Your Pet And The Law

 ORDINANCE NO. 165 S-2001 imposes a penalty on owners of animals which cause injury or damage to people or property.
 ORDINANCE NO. 13 S-97 bans owning animals in settlement or resettlement areas.
 ORDINANCE NO. 13 S-95 prohibits dog owners from taking out their pets to urinate and defecate on streets and sidewalks.
 ORDINANCE NO. 17 S-94 prohibits the slaughter of dogs, sale and/or transport of its meat in the city and provides penalties on violators.
 ORDINANCE NO. 129 S-93 prohibits stray animals in public places in the city.